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Exterior views
Photos taken January 2006

A few accessories and modifications have been added during the restoration process. They include front and rear turn signals, Remund Electronic Ignition, full flow oil filter, the front license plate attachment which reads "U. S. Mail Watch for Stops". Only the best quality parts were used for this restoration.

The body was reconstructed of new oak, ash and spruce as detailed out in the original specifications for bid issued by the Post Office Department. Even the U. S. Mail lettering was painstakingly reproduced in its original color scheme. The rear sides of the truck depict the two most popular recruiting posters for Army and Navy.

The truck has been driven 687 miles since the restoration was completed in 2001. The most recent thrill of all was driving the truck around the Indy 500 track in June of 2005. I could go on about details and descriptions and still leave something out. Please feel free to ask any questions you might have about the truck.

This rare and unusual truck is being offered to a discriminating buyer for the price of $39,500. Please contact Lew Palmer by e-mail or phone 574-250-5220 to set up an appointment to see this beautifully restored Model A 1931 U. S. Mail Truck.

23. Note the authenic paint color combination of black and olive drab green. 24. This view shows an Army recruiting picture - the familiar Uncle Sam poster from World War II.
25. Rear view showing open doors and drop down tail gate. 26. Rear view with doors closed and curtains rolled up.
27. Right side view showing a Navy recruiting poster. 28. Right side view showing a Navy recruiting poster.