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Photos 9 through 12 show the chassis during restoration. The body was reconstructed of new oak, ash and spruce as detailed out in the original specifications for bid issued by the Post Office Department. Even the
U. S. Mail lettering was painstakingly reproduced in its original color scheme.

9. The restored running gear.

10. The restored running gear.
11. Running gear with front fenders. 12. Running gear with front fenders.
13. The floor area of the cab 14. The chassis with cowl and floor of the cab.
15. The chassis with cowl and floor of the cab. 16. Oak and plywood floorboards.
17. Left rear quarter of body showing oak construction. 18. Overall view of left side
19. Rear doors and tailgate with original latch bar and wire screens. 20. The body gets its first coat of paint. Fenders and hood are still in primer.
21. Final coat of green with ivory belt molding. 22. A January 2006 photo.